1. Navigate to the course where you would like to add your Codon link into Blackboard.




2. Click on "Content" on the left-hand side.




3. Click "Build Content" followed by "Web Link".




4. Name the link that will let the students know what the link is being used for. For example: Codon Learning. Then add the URL provided by your Faculty Success Manager. Make sure that the checkbox "This link is to a Tool Provider" is checked. You do not need to enable evaluation.



5. Click on the link you just added to your course. Select the correct Codon course (you may only have one in the list).

    a. Click "Save Selection." You will never have to repeat this step.

6. Close the tab, reload your LMS page, and click the Codon link again.

    a. This should launch the "Course Overview" page of your Codon Learning course.

The above are instructions adapted from Willo Labs’ documentation. Please contact support@codonlearning.com for assistance at any time.